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We are LTS Recruitment, a boutique agency connecting ambitious companies with proven tech experts and providing them with long-term staffing support.

We Speak the Language

We are experienced developers first and proficient recruiters second. After talking to you, we know just who to look for, and where to find them. Most importantly, we help you assess if they are the right fit for your team. We understand even the most abstract technical concepts that help us ensure your new employees deliver the desired results, consistently.

We Don’t Settle for “Good Enough”

Running a successful business brings along a lot of obstacles. With us, realising your newest team members aren’t up to the challenge won’t be one of them. If we can’t find the exact person you need to keep going forward, we will come up with a new recruitment plan. Hiring a specialist interviewed and vetted by our team eliminates uncertainty and risk from the process, protecting your bottom line.

We Made Pricing Client-Friendly

Our pricing system is 100% predictable and transparent, designed to give you as much flexibility as you need. You can choose a traditional, commission-based pricing model – or a more progressive one in which we charge for the hours needed to perform the required tasks. In our experience, the second model can help you make significant savings when hiring top candidates. But, no matter what you choose, rest assured we will find you a perfect addition to your team.

Talent Hiring, Made Easy

With LTS Recruitment, you won’t just be getting a list of CVs, having to assess them on your own. Instead, we discover and vet trained web professionals capable of making a difference. With us, you’re getting an all-in-one long-term recruitment partner who helps you save time, energy, and resources. We can provide employment support or manage as much of the process as you need us to.

Web Developers

DevOps Engineers

Project Managers

Online Marketers


SEO Experts


Staffing Strategy

Let’s start by helping you understand what types of experts you truly need and can afford. We can create a step-by-step plan to meet your personnel needs.

Job Adverts

To increase your chances of building an outperforming team, we craft job ads targeted to attract the right type of people and place them at the right positions.

Headhunting and Attracting Talent

The key to successful recruitment is realising what kind of an offer will intrigue the right web expert. With us, you’ll forget about overpaying or settling for less.

Filtering and Skill-Matching

We’re experienced enough to see through the candidate’s strong (or poor) interview techniques. We focus on the proven competence and skill set that you need.

Take Full Advantage of Our Expertise

Our bespoke mentorship and training programmes are designed to ensure your new developers and web professionals start delivering their best work as soon as possible or learn additional valuable skills post-hire.

Find the Best Talent for Your Business

Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with our leading tech professionals’ recruitment expert to discover more about our expertise, process, and rates.


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